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Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:California, United States of America
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accents, akeboshi, alan rickman, alfred molina, all things food, alton brown, anime, audrey hepburn, baking, being alone, being alone with someone, being outside, biking, bishounen, bono, books, brian regan, bruce willis, calvin and hobbes, cardcaptor sakura, cheese, chocolate, conan o'brien, concerts, cookies, cooking, costumes, cowboy bebop, crafting, dane cook, dishwalla, disney, fairy tales, fanfiction, fantasy, forensic files, fukuyama jun, fullmetal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, gackt, gary oldman, getting away from things, going to new places, harry potter, hyde, inkheart, inuyasha, j-pop, j-rock, jane austen, japan, jason isaacs, jay and silent bob, je, johnny depp, josh groban, jpop, jrock, kato shigeaki, kevin smith, koyasu takehito, kyou kara maou, labyrinth, late night conversations, laughing, learning, legend, lifehouse, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, loveholic, manga, merlin, milla jovovich, milo and otis, monk, monty python, moonstruck, morikawa toshiyuki, morikubo shoutarou, movie soundtracks, movies, music, mythology, naruto, neil gaiman, news, nora roberts, okiayu ryoutarou, old fairy tales, one ok rock, organization, our lady peace, outlaw star, pedicures, photography, procrastination, psych, purple, quidditch, quotes, rachel ray, random conversations, reading, recipes, regional literature, rock, roller coasters, rurouni kenshin, sabrina, saiyuki, sakurai takahiro, salma hayek, sarcasm, saru, shopping, shounen ai, slytherins, small flowers, soul hunter, stardust, stephen lynch, surprises, surprising people, t(o.ot), the chronicles of narnia, the corrs, the last unicorn, the legend of zelda, the lord of the rings, thinking, third eye blind, travel, tyler florence, utada hikaru, vampire hunter d, vertical horizon, walking, wandering, white christmas, white collar, windy days, writing, yaoi, yoko kanno, 加藤成亮
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